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Dixon celebrates goldenrod in garden and gallery

August is the month of goldenrod flowers in our local fields. I have previously written about its attributes as a cultivated plant and cut flower and debunked the myth that this plant causes allergies.The scientific or Latin name is Solidago, and nearly 30 wild-growing species are native to our region. It is a common plant in gardens in England and throughout Europe, but does not yet enjoy mainstream acceptance as a cultivated plant here.I find that native plants often do not get the respect of gardeners if the plant is plentiful and growing wild in the local area; they are often considered to be weeds, but in reality all of our garden plants are the result of the selection and breeding of wild plants. Due to an art exhibition currently on display here at the Dixon, we are celebrating this plant like never before and are growing over 100 plants representing five cultivars that grow well in Mid-South gardens. Read more


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