Art and Basketball, who knew?

What do the Dixon and the Grizzlies have in common?  You might not think that the Dixon – a public garden and art museum, and the Memphis Grizzlies – the city’s NBA franchise— have much in common; but once you dig deeper, however, some similarities can easily be recognized.

1. Underdogs

Due to its East Memphis location, the Dixon is often overlooked because it is a few miles past the popular mix of downtown and midtown attractions. It might take you longer to get to us, but the quality of the Dixon experience is well worth the drive—our numerous programs and events can rival the action on Beale Street, or provide a much-needed respite.

The Grizzlies are often seen as underdogs, too: they never really received the respect they deserved during the regular season, as they are a smaller franchise compared to teams like Miami, Los Angeles, and Dallas. However, they are in the playoffs for the second year in a row and putting up quite the fight against the L.A. Clippers in the first round! No matter what happens in the playoffs, Memphis is proud to support the Grizz, and should be proud of the world-class gallery and gardens nestled into East Memphis.

2. Community

The Dixon has several educational programs and initiatives to benefit the Memphis community. From our in-house camps and programming, our educational outreach in our city’s schools to our free Family Days–we take our position in the Memphis community very seriously!

Where can one even begin to address all of the important things that the Grizzlies contribute to the community? Through the Memphis Grizzlies House and the Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation, the Grizzlies give back and are committed to serving Memphis youth through education and mentoring. They contribute to the overall positive perception of the city and enhance the Memphis experience for locals and visitors—another thing we have in common.

3. Injuries

The Dixon is a unique institution because of our beautiful grounds and 17 acres of impressive gardens—which also puts us at the mercy of Mother Nature. This year has already handed us some horticulture-related obstacles: extremely warm weather in March and lack of rain in April caused our flowers, trees, and grounds to take quite a beating. But, our garden staff really knows their stuff. Their commitment and nurturing keeps the Dixon’s grounds beautiful and full of new and exciting plants and blooms each month.

Zach Randolph, Grizzlies star and point forward, went out early this season with a knee injury and didn’t return to play a game with the team until March. Since his return, he has assisted in helping the Grizzlies get into playoff form and contributed solid numbers against the Clippers in this first round. He is a fighter – kind of like the plants in our Gardens.

Support the Grizzlies this week as they fight it out with the Clippers and support the Dixon by visiting us for some of the many programs and events we have lined up this year! We believe in the Grizz, and we believe what we do at the Dixon enhances the Memphis community and the lives of our visitors. So, we aren’t all that different, you know?

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