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What is provided by the Dixon?

Parking, catering kitchen, manager-on-duty, security guard, a selection of tables, chairs (100 in the Hughes Pavilion and 200 in the Winegardner Auditorium), and initial set-up of tables and chairs (we do not leave our tables and chairs outside overnight).

What is not provided by the Dixon?

Table linens, catering, music, alcohol, bartender, flowers, candles, tents, and other decorations. We do not set up equipment, including tables and chairs, brought in by/from other vendors.  

How much is the deposit and when is the rental payment due?

A $400 deposit and either a $1,000 Sustainer membership (individuals) or $1500+ Corporate membership (for corporate groups) fee is due upon signing the rental agreement; some exceptions apply. Non-profit deposit fees vary and no membership is required. The full rental amount is due 10 business days before the event day. Deposits are returned within 10 days after an inspection of the facilities has been completed and their condition has been deemed satisfactory. 

Does the Dixon offer rental to non-profit groups?

Yes. We offer rental to certified 501c3 groups and a selection of other non-profit art and garden groups. Please contact us for more information.

What are the duties of the on-site staff member?

The manager-on-duty ensures safety of the guests by overseeing the property and monitoring the event. He/she will also be available to receive deliveries, direct guests and vendors, and answer questions. The manager-on-duty does not play the role of a wedding or event planner.

Can the Dixon accommodate valet parking?

Yes. The Dixon can accommodate valet parking for either of our facilities.

May I use my own caterer?

Yes. We must approve the catering company if it is not included on our list of approved caterers. The caterer must be licensed and insured, and this information must be on file with us before your event.

Can my caterer cook food for my event in the Hughes Pavilion?

Possibly, but this must be approved by the Rental Coordinator. The equipment for any outdoor cooking must be set up in the two parking spots located next to the kitchen door and they may not spill out onto any green space. We strive to preserve and protect our flower and woodland gardens.

What is the Dixon’s alcohol policy?

The party may supply its own alcohol including beer, wine, and liquor. The bartender must be ABC certified and the bar must be manned at all times during the event. Only guests age 21 and up may be served. The Dixon reserves the right to terminate service to individuals as deemed appropriate.

Can I host a prom, sorority/fraternity function, or fundraiser at the Dixon? 

No. The facility rental rules and guidelines passed down to us by our Board of Trustees do not allow us to host proms/dances or sorority/fraternity functions, and we cannot host any fundraisers that don’t directly benefit the Dixon. We also cannot accommodate publicized events that require paid tickets for entry.  

Can the Hughes Pavilion accommodate an event tent?

Yes. The outside terraces may be tented, but we do not provide the tent(s). Please see our list of suggested vendors for tent rental. Garden ceremony locations may not be tented. Tent set up and break down must be scheduled and approved by the Rental Coordinator in order to prevent interference with any other events.

Where are photographs permitted?

The party and photographer may use any area at the Hughes and selected areas of the gardens, or anywhere in the Auditorium for events taking place in that space. Brides receive two hours of time outside of their booked date to take engagement or wedding photographs—brides and/or their photographers must schedule this photography session in advance and it must take place during museum hours.

Is a wedding rehearsal included in the price for a ceremony-only or ceremony and reception?

Yes.  For a ceremony and reception: The wedding party may schedule a rehearsal for a day before the event at a time agreed upon by the Rental Coordinator. It can be two hours total and cannot go any later than 7:00pm. For a ceremony-only: The wedding party may schedule a rehearsal for a day before the event at a time agreed upon by the Rental Coordinator. It can be one hour total and cannot go any later than 6:00pm. Depending on our schedule of events during the week and weekend, we cannot guarantee that your rehearsal time will be able to take place the night before your event, but you are guaranteed rehearsal time sometime during that week before the event.

What may be used for the wedding throw?

Given the location in the gardens, we only allow natural flower petals. You may not use sparklers or throw rice, glitter, confetti (including eco-fetti), or bird seed.

I want my pet to take part in my wedding—are pets allowed on the property?

Dogs and other pets and animals are not allowed on the property. Any involvement of a pet with an event must be approved by the Rental Coordinator.

We are having our wedding ceremony in the gardens/on the lawn. Do we need to rent chairs?

Yes. The Dixon’s chairs are only allowed in the Hughes Pavilion and on the connected terraces. Please see our list of suggested vendors for chair rental.

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