Living Succulent Wall

It’s mid September and our living succulent wall is still doing just that…living…with a few Exceptions.  Olimpia had to replace a few more sempervivums (Hens and Chicks) this week.  They will sometimes senesce  - a process where they elongate, often bloom, and then die.  A part of this process involves sending out pups, or offshoots – the second generation.  The recent cooler nights probably triggered some of this action, although we have had replace or add plants a... Read More
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September 9th Munch and Learn Recap: Fabulous Mixed Borders

Munch and Learn today featured Master Gardener, Linda Lanier talking about fabulous mixed borders in England and a few in the United States. Linda started by telling the Dixon crowd the key elements of a great mixed border which are structure, rhythm, repetition, four season interest, texture and background. Potted plants, benches and whimsical elements can also be used within gardens to create interest. She went on to say that borders should contain 3 D’s; depth, density and diversity.... Read More
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September Family Studio Recap

Family Studio: Pennant Flags  I would like to thank everyone that came out for Family Studio over the weekend. It was a beautiful morning, and our craft was quick and fun. In honor of labor day, we made pennant flags. If you look at mine, you can see I still have Jun Kaneko on the brain, but there were some lovely American flag designs made, as well as fun geometric patterns. It's really hard to go wrong with a craft that's fool proof. Go ahead and gather your supplies to make your own at... Read More
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Shane Connolly and the Burren by Kevin Sharp

Erin and I just got home from a vacation in Ireland, a place we love and keep returning to. We are especially fond of an area in the western part of the country called the Burren, approximately 100 square miles (geologists say more) in County Clare. The Burren is a range of largely treeless, eroded limestone mountains (about 1000 feet at the highest) that roll in terraced shelves one after another until they plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. The mountains of the Burren possess a striking, some... Read More
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Munch and Learn Recap: Designing with Phlox and Echinacea

Table decoration demonstrations are always fun, but Katherine Godoy’s creativity and humor made this Munch and Learn especially enjoyable.  She is the editor of the American Journal of Dentistry . She explained that her editing job is not very creative, so she does Ikebana and table decorations as her creative outlet. Katherine is also the president of the Junior League Garden Club.  Katherine decorated three tables, each with a different theme. The themes were Philadelphia, Paris... Read More
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Munch and Learn Recap: Famous Perennial Boarders with Ann Riorden and Carolyn Brown

The Dixon is turning its focus toward our mixed border from now until the end of October. Garden designer, Ann Riorden, and Master Gardener, Carolyn Brown helped get our Munch and Learn guests more excited about our border garden by introducing us to amazing border gardens in New York, France and England.    Carolyn took her ideas from a book she highly recommends called, 1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die by Rae Spencer-Jones and Elizabeth Scholtz. She had a section... Read More
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