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Tour at Two: Prince Paul Petrovitch Troubetzkoy

Born in Intra, a small town near Lago Maggiore, Italy, Paul Petrovich Troubetzkoy was the second son of the Russian prince Pierre Troubetzkoy and his wife, Ada Winans, an American opera singer.   Troubetzkoy concentrated on animals in his earliest sculptures (he was a lifelong vegetarian and passionate spokesperson for animal rights), but he quickly became in-demand as a portraitist for society figures as well as his friends and fellow artists.   The subject of this... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Sunday, May 24, 2020
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Meet the Artist: Debbie Likley Pacheco

Meet Memphis 2020 artist Debbie Likley Pacheco. Pacheco learned to paint and draw from her father at a young age. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Memphis and, from 1988 to 1996, she remained dedicated to her artistic practice while working as an art director for advertising agency Humphreys, Inc.  Enjoy this look inside Pacheco's studio; courtesy of the artist.  Interested in fleeting moments of interaction, Pacheco often paints modern... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Friday, May 22, 2020
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Dixon at Home: Virtual Backgrounds

As a thank you to everyone who supported the Dixon during #GivingTuesdayNow and has continued to give through our annual fund , we wanted to bring the beauty of art and gardens to you virtually. These custom Zoom backgrounds are a great way to show your love of the Dixon during your next virtual hangout, meeting, or lesson. These can also work as desktop background for more computers. These are free for anyone to use, enjoy! While these are a thank you, the are free to anyone... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Tuesday, May 19, 2020
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Virtual Tour: Eye to Eye

In honor of National Art Museum Day we are sharing a look at the 2019 exhibition Eye to Eye: A New Look at the Dixon Collection . The Dixon’s collection started when Margaret and Hugo Dixon first began collecting art in the 1940s--they were drawn to British Grand Manner portraits that reflected Mr. Dixon’s English upbringing. Portraits by Henry Raeburn and Joshua Reynolds in the collection today are from this period in their collecting. They met the great scholar of... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Monday, May 18, 2020
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Tour at Two: Henri Matisse

The period in which Matisse completed this painting was crucial for the artist who was in the early stages of his career. At 25 years old, his 1896 visit to the island of Belle-Île-en-Mer off the coast of Brittany marked a palpable change in his style. Prior to his time on Belle-Île, Matisse painted in a more conservative manner, depicting mostly somber subject matter in a dark, earthy palette. Le Palais, Belle-Île is a veritable rainbow of color, the likes of which had... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Sunday, May 17, 2020
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Meet the Artist: Jennifer Sargent

Meet Memphis 2020  artist Jennifer Sargent. A former professor and Director of Exhibitions at Memphis College of Art, Sargent is a leading fiber artist and independent curator based in Memphis. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Fibers from Arizona State University. Whether woven or in another medium, Sargent’s work is full of intricate details and precise patterns. (in progress) Jennifer Sargent,  Mountain and Garden , 2018; Cotton and wool hand-woven tapestry;... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Friday, May 15, 2020
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Meet the Artist: Roger Allan Cleaves

Meet Memphis 2020 artist Roger Allan Cleaves. Cleaves received his Bachelor of Arts degree in painting from the University of Memphis in 2007 and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2011. Disinterested in the familiar visual frame work for discussing social constructs such as race, Cleaves instead invents fantastical worlds populated with icons, coded symbols, and a unique language he calls “Afroglyphs” to create new narratives. While playful... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Friday, May 8, 2020
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Tour at Two: Paul Signac

In 1885, Signac spent his summer at Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, a commune on the coast of Brittany. It was there that he painted this work. His careful depiction of the landscape has allowed art historians to identify the exact location of his vantage point overlooking the harbor of Saint-Briac where the mouth of the Frémur River enters into the English Channel. Signac loved spending time at the sea and was particularly fond of sailing; according to his records he owned more than thirty... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Sunday, May 3, 2020
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Meet the Artist: Paula Kovarik

Meet  Memphis 2020  artist Paula Kovarik. Paula received her Bachelor of Arts in graphic design from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She credits her mother with introducing her to quilting, which she began practicing in 2005. Informed by current events, science, history, and various other interests, Kovarik borrows from her sensibilities as a designer to create meaning through stitched compositions. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including ... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Friday, May 1, 2020
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Dixon at Home: Artist Juan Rojo

Just like us, we think you might be missing Munch and Learn's interesting and knowledgeable speakers. So, grab lunch, dinner, a snack or a beverage, because we are bringing Munch and Learn to you! This week, get a acquainted with Memphis artist Juan Rojo Al igual que nosotros, creemos que puedes estar extrañando a los interesantes oradores de Munch and Learn. ¡Asi que sírvete el almuerzo, la cena o busca un refrigerio, porque vamos a traerte Munch and Learn! Esta... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Wednesday, April 29, 2020
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Tour at Two: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Join us for a #TouratTwo at home!  When Corot became an artist, landscape paintings were a popular genre, but painting direct studies from nature without the trappings of secular or biblical history was a new phenomenon.  Corot was one of the first painters to work in the Fontainebleau forest. It later became a popular destination for artists of the Barbizon School, with whom Corot was friendly. Here, Corot depicts the tranquil setting featuring a paver working alone to... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Sunday, April 26, 2020
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Tour at Two: Fernand Lungren

Lungren was a bit of a drifter in his younger years. He dropped out of programs at the University of Michigan, Cincinnati, Pennsylvania Academy, and, just before he completed this work, the Académie Julian in Paris. The two fashionably dressed women in In the Café are likely a type of courtesan called filles de joie, or “good-time girls.” Cafés in 1880s Paris were predominately the domain of men--a respectable woman would not enter one without an escort or... Read More
Posted by Kristen Rambo at Sunday, April 19, 2020
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