300th Munch and Learn Recap by Linley Schmidt

March 4th was a milestone for the Dixon’s Munch and Learn Series. It was our 300th one, and because we’re proud of the success of this lecture series, we pulled out our most loved speaker, Kevin Sharp. The Dixon Director certainly did not disappoint. Not only did he unleash all his knowledge and charm, but he brought six dozen cupcakes!   

Kevin’s lecture, Whistler and Sargent: Two American Expats in London, was the perfect complement to the Dixon’s current exhibition, Hail, Britannia! Six Centuries of British Art from the Berger Collection, which includes works by both artists.  Whistler’s, Little Housemaid at the Doorway of an Inn (Petite Bonne à la Porte d'une Auberge) from 1889 and Sargent’s, Rosina Ferrara, Head of a Capri Girl, from 1878 are both on view in the exhibition. The two artists knew each other in London, and Kevin recounted their lives and careers and the reasons for their success. While both artists were American, they spent the majority of their careers in England.  Therefore qualifying their work to be included in the Hail, Britannia! exhibition, which is, even with a few imported artists, definitively British.  

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March 18: Ideas of Health and Illness in the British World

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