A Basic Flower Arranging Kit

Assembling a tool box of items needed to create simple flower arrangements makes the process of creating an arrangement a pleasure. All you have to do is bring flowers home or the grocery store or go out in the yard and cut some branches and flowers and pull out your tool box to start arranging. 

In your kit you will find all sorts of gadgets that help in cutting and arranging plant material. Floral scissors, pruners, floral preservative for the water, wires, picks, candle holders, and of course, the things you can use to stick flower stems in- the kenzan or needlepoint, the cup holder, and the floral foam. Containers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Most flower arrangers have a shelf full of containers to choose from. The kenzan, cup holder, and floral foam go into the container with water.  Once you choose the container, you are well on your way to having a lovely, distinctive floral arrangement to enjoy in your home. 

Things to include in your kit: flower snips, pruners, wire, needlepoints, NOT frogs(the glass things that are useless), wood picks, measuring tape, fern pins, small note pad, pencil, brown magic marker, floral tape, stem wrap, paddle wire, dish cloth.

Things to keep in mind: Where is this design going? The space dictates how big and wide it will be. If it’s for your dining room table under a chandelier, keep it about 16-18 inches tall so guests can see over it and it doesn’t get tangled up in the light fixture. 16‘ to 18’ is actually the space between your elbow and the tip of your fingers, and using that to measure is a good way to test the total height of a centerpiece. You also know that all sides will be viewed, so you will need to turn the design as you work on it so it’s finished from each perspective. 

Other spaces are easier and usually smaller. Choose a coffee table, a side table, an entry table, a buffet table, an island in the kitchen or the bathroom counter for the future home of your creation. Looking at the space will give you an idea of the size of the design and whether it needs the back finished. 

A few more classes and you will gain confidence and knowledge of what plants work well in designs. It opens our eyes to plants that we can grow, cut and bring in just for this purpose. Flower arranging is an ancient practice that many of us find solace and joy in doing. It is an ‘in the moment experience’  that is meditative and relaxing and it all starts will pulling out the kit!  

- Suzy Askew, Gardens Education and Volunteer Coordinator

Posted by Chantal Drake at 4:36 PM
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