A week in the life of an Outreach Coordinator

The Dixon’s outreach programs are committed to bringing the museum out into the community. The Dixon strives to meet people where they are and to be seen as an integral part of Memphis culture.

The Dixon does this in a variety of ways. The biggest outreach effort, called Art to Grow, has been operating for close to 20 years! Art to Grow visits Pre-K through 8th grade students in and around Memphis bringing free hands-on art and horticulture lesson inspired by the collections at the Dixon. In 2018, Art to Grow saw 21,121 students! During the 2019-20 school year, students have the chance to learn about greenhouses, abstract expressionism, curatorial careers, and more!   

Colorcopia is an outreach effort that offers art making activities for adults that explore printmaking, painting, and collage. Classes are offered at community centers, libraries, living communities, and other nonprofit organizations.


T.A.G. (Teens.Art.Gardens) is the newest member of outreach programming. It is designed for teens aged 13-18 and brings art and horticulture activities to partner organizations around the city.

Finally, the Dixon takes part in several community events and festivals every year. Dixon staff pass out free museum passes, program and exhibition information, and often make an activity.

Here’s a look at a week in the life of outreach!

September 23rd-28th


  • Art to Grow Instructor Danielle Sumler visits Crump Elementary. She teaches Kindergarten through 2nd graders about greenhouses and she teaches 3rd through 5th graders how to make botanical suncatchers using dried flowers and plants.
  • Colorcopia Instructor Christine Ruby visits the Skinner Center, a center for adults with physical and/or mental disabilities. She helps them make botanical suncatchers!
  • T.A.G. Instructor Gulcan Demirtas visits the Cordova Library and helps teens create an abstract painting inspired by the upcoming exhibition Abstract Expressionism: A Social Revolution, Selections from the Haskell Collection.


  • Art to Grow Instructor Danielle Sumler visits Crump Elementary.
  • T.A.G. Instructor Gulcan Demirtas visits RedZone ministries to teach teens about abstract painting.


  • Art to Grow Instructor Danielle Sumler visits Crump Elementary.
  • Outreach Coordinator Christan Allen visits Grahamwood Elementary. Their 3rd grade CLUE students are studying the brain so they learn about the benefits art has on the brain and then making glow in the dark neuron sculptures.
  • Wednesday night is the new Liz and Tommy Farnsworth Education building dedication!


  • Art to Grow Instructor Danielle Sumler visits Crump Elementary.
  • Outreach Coordinator Christan Allen visits the Kindergartners at Rivercrest Elementary. They each get to make a miniature greenhouse with a sunflower seed inside!


  • Outreach Coordinator Christan Allen visits Crump Elementary.
  • Colorcopia instructor Christine Ruby visits Hearthside Senior Living and creates sunflower paintings with their residents.


  • Several members of the Dixon education team including outreach instructors Christan Allen and Danielle Sumler march in the Pride Parade on behalf of the Dixon. They give out candy and museum passes and see over 1,000 community members!

    Phew, what a week! Outreach saw over 1,700 people of all ages in just one week. We can’t wait to start it all over again on Monday 
    -- Christan Allen and Danielle Sumler, Outreach Queens!
Posted by Kristen Rambo at 4:06 PM
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