Arranging the Dixon

Twice a week there are four fresh flower arrangements that are placed in the Gallery foyer and residence. All of the flowers and foliage come from the greenhouses, nursery and grounds of the Dixon.  The visitor experience is enhanced greatly by the attention to a detail from the days of Mrs. Dixon’s habit of furnishing her home with not only great art and beautiful furniture, but with lovely flower arrangements.  Those who notice are drawn to find them in the residential part of the gallery after encountering the large urn in the Catmur Foyer on entry to the facility. The time it takes to plan, plant, grow, cut, condition and design flowers and greenery is an amazingly intense endeavor that will last just four days at most.  But it is that level of beauty we strive for both in our gardens and in our flower arrangements. Take a close look the next time you visit the Dixon, and then go out into the gardens to see where the flowers are grown. 

 Living Room

 Residence Foyer

 Dining Room

- Suzy Askew, Gardens Education and Volunteer Coordinator

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