Charging Station: Meditation Prompts

Here is a recharging experience that you can create for yourself anywhere!  

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and become aware of gravity anchoring you to the earth. Breathe deeply. Inhale, allowing your chest to lift and expand. Exhale and let your shoulders melt downward releasing tension. 

  • In this place, you feel safe and comfortable. 

  • There are sounds of nature. You can hear a gentle breeze. You can hear birds, crickets and maybe even frogs. What else can you hear? 

  •  What is the color of the sky? 

  • Find something small to focus on. Can you find the smallest thing in the space? 

  • Can you imagine holding a natural treasure in your hand? What is it? 

  • Become aware of the whole picture again, then look around and become aware of the rest of the room around you.  

The next time you feel tense or anxious or upset, notice something in nature or think of this picture and breathe deeply to help you relax. 

¡Acá de dejamos una experiencia de recarga que puedes crear para ti mismo/a en cualquier lugar!   

Separa tus pies a nivel de tus hombros y date cuenta de que la gravedad te ancla a la tierra. Respira profundamente. Inhala, permitiendo que tu pecho se levante y se expanda. Exhala y deja que tus hombros se derritan hacia abajo liberando la tensión.   

  • En este lugar te sientes seguro y cómodo.   

  • Hay sonidos de la naturaleza. ¿Puedes escuchar una suave brisa, oír pájaros, grillos y tal vez hasta ranas? ¿Qué más puedes oír?   

  • ¿Cuál es el color del cielo?   

  • Encuentra algo pequeño en que concentrarte, ¿Puedes encontrar la cosa más pequeña en este espacio?   

  • ¿Imagina que tienes un tesoro natural en la mano? ¿Qué es?   

  • Vuelve a ser consciente de toda la imagen, luego mira a tu alrededor y sé consciente del resto de la habitación que te rodea.   

Interested in learning more about meditation with the Dixon? Join us for Virtual Lunchtime Meditations every Friday at 12:00on


Make time for yourself each week and explore a variety of meditation practices designed to help you find balance and reduce stress.

Please visit the Memphis Center for Mindful Living's Facebook page for her live meditation OR to enjoy the videos after they air. 

Amy Balentine has worked as a licensed psychologist in Memphis since 2004 and is the owner of the Memphis Center for Mindful Living, LLC.  In addition to her work at this center, she is involved in research on mindfulness in association with the University of California in San Diego. She also works part-time in a primary care setting at Christ Community Health Services. Currently, she is the immediate past president of the Memphis Area Psychological Association. She grew up in Missouri and earned her B.A. at. Harding University in Arkansas and her M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky.


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