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In late Spring dahlia tubers and greenhouse transfers were planted in the Dixon cutting garden, the result will be a beautiful floral display, the perfect backdrop for hanging out in the garden, a summer photoshoot, or just to stop and smell the… well, dahlias (although we have roses too). 

*dahlia tubers and greenhouse transfers

We asked Director of Horticulture, Dale Skaggs, for a few words on Dahlias in the midsouth.

“Dahlia are not always thought of as good for the midsouth, but if you pick good southern performers they will do just fine. Never will they ever come close to the size and color of  the dahlia fields in Oregon where they are grown for the cut flower industry. But they provide us late summer flowers. Often called the friendship flower because the more you cut them, the more flowers they seem to produce. Dahlias need rich well drained garden soil, in raised beds or a perennial border, and at least half a day of morning sun to full sun. A little shade in the late afternoon is a good thing though, especially with the Memphis heat. The Gallery series and the Karma series have been good performers for us here at the Dixon. Buy tubers (and plant after soil has warmed ...only a few inches of soil cover… be sure not to break off the “eye.” Brent and Becky’s Bulbs has a good selection and we are always pleased with the size of our stars. We have even left tubers in the ground to have them come back the following year.”

planning material for dahlia planting     dahlia sprout          
*dahlia planning and the first sprout of the season

Follow along on social media, we will be posting updates on when to dahlias reach peak bloom!      


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