Flashback Friday: Museum Acquisitions

In honor of the recent acquisition of the sculpture 'Untitled' by Jun Kaneko (pictured to the left), here are some of the most notable museum purchases over the last 40 years at the Dixon.

1.       Renoir, The Picture Book, ca. 1897; Museum purchase, 1978.4 

A significant purchase when the Dixon was a young museum, led by our first director, Michael Milkovich.  Today, The Picture Book, which most likely depicts Renoir’s son Jean, is a favorite of Dixon members. 

2.       Morisot, Peasant Girl among Tulips, 1890; Museum purchase, 1981.1 

Another great early acquisition by an essential Impressionist artist.  The painting itself has an interesting history of ownership (provenance) that includes the dealers Tadamasa Hayashi and Théodore Duret. 

 3.       Forain, Woman Breathing in Flowers, ca. 1883; Museum Purchase, partially supported by Mrs. James D. Robinson, Mrs. John Sneed Williams, and the Estate of Louis Richardson Dodd, 1987.2 

This major purchase by then-director John Buchanan is what started the Dixon-Forain connection, and ultimately led to the major purchase of more than fifty works by Forain in 1993. 

4.       Blanche, Portrait of Eugenia Huici Arguedas de Errázuriz, 1890; Museum purchase in memory of John E. Buchanan, Jr. with support from Mr. and Mrs. William A. Coolidge, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Morgan, Jr., Drs. Thomas M. and Carolyn Chesney, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Hays, Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. Misner, Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Blair, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Burnett, Robert B. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Farnsworth, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Gilmore, Buzzy Hussey and Dr. Hal Brunt, Rose M. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Liles, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. Lipman, Mr. and Mrs. W. Neely Mallory, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. D. Stephen Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Orgill III, Mr. and Mrs. C. Penn Owen III, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Rose III, Mr. and Mrs. W. Reid Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Williamson, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wurtzburger, 2012.1 

The Dixon’s first major acquisition in nearly twenty years.  This large pastel portrait is of the Chilean expatriate tastemaker, Eugenia Errázuriz, and relates to our John Singer Sargent, Ramón Subercaseaux in a Gondola, which was part of the Ritchie Acquisition in the mid-1990s.

5. Augusta Savage, Gamin, ca. 1930, Museum purchase, 2013.2

Gamin was a breakthrough work for Augusta Savage in 1929. On the strength of this particular sculpture, art patrons in New York contributed to the expense of sending her to Europe for additional study. Gamin is also a breakthrough work for the Dixon. It is the first acquisition from an African American artist in the collection. 

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