Happy Mother's Day to Dixon Moms

Happy Mother's Day from the Dixon Gallery and Gardens! We have so many wonderful mothers as part of the Dixon staff, and we wanted to highlight just a few of them here. We would also like to say that although we have moms and their children featured here, we know that motherhood works in a number of ways. So to all of our dog and cat moms, mothers that have lost a child, and individuals who show up for their nieces, nephews, and friends - we see and appreciate you too. 

So many new moms this year at the Dixon:

Sarah and Amelia
Photo by Madi for Kelly Ginn Photography

Christan and Miles 

Helen and Jack 

Mary Katherine and Micah 

Charmeal and Aria 

We have so many kids that have grown up here at the Dixon... 

Chantal and Peyton 

Peyton is more comfortable in a museum than most adults, and now he even expects to visit one when traveling. Since I started taking him to museums when he was 1 or 2, and have always asked him questions to help him see what was there, he asks his own questions now, which I hope means he is interested in learning more.

Julie, Maria, and Joseph 

I am very grateful that my children are growing up as museum kids.  They are learning how to look at art, how to express what they feel when they see it, how to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating gardens, and how to how to have fun in both spaces!  I know they will always feel comfortable going into museums wherever life takes them—it’s a seemingly small thing that comes along with being a museum kid, but I hope it leads to a lifetime of wonderful experiences.

Margarita and Celeste 

Juliana, her mother, and her daughter Amanda (three generations!)

Gail and Allison 


Elizabeth Nourse, Mère et Bébé, ca. 1912, oil on canvas, Dixon Gallery and Gardens

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