Intern Antonio Moreno on Mary Jo Karimnia

Antonio Moreno

2016-2017 Intern from Memphis Catholic High School-Work Study Program

Wednesday 31, August

                This Wednesday I went to Munch and Learn and I learned about the artist who did the work in The Mallory Wurtzburger Galleries. The speaker’s name is Mary Jo Karimnia. She uses beads and glues them on to her paintings. She also purposely omits the faces of figures in her work. Mary gets her ideas from everyday costumes that are unordinary but give life to the ordinary world. She is inspired by artist but painting is not her favorite skill set. She is different from other artist as you read at the beginning she uses bead to draw her artwork.  At the Munch and Learn she stated, “Enrich artwork and it will give you life.” This spoke out to me because when I look at a painting I just get what I see. That helped me understand that there is more in that painting than just a bunch of colors. It represents a part of life in the world.

Posted by Chantal Drake at 12:02 PM
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