Lotus and Waterlilies in our Fountains.

The Dixon Gardens for 4 fountains. Three of these are planted with the beautiful and flowery lotus and water liles. Farnsworth Fountain in the Cutting Garden, Canale Fountain, on the East side of the Gallery and Kaneko Fountain at the terminus of the Venus Allee-both of these are original to the 1940 Dixon Garden design. This year they are planted with rare and unusual plants from a family nursery that’s been in business since 1892.  We selected tropicals that would bloom the gardener’s shade of blue- which is truly violet to match the polka dots on the Kaneko sculpture.  We looked for fetching colors and mottled leaves that would give interest when not in bloom. We wanted blooms that would be open at various times for visitors throughout the day. Occasionally someone wants to know how to tell lotus from lilies and the easiest way is to look at the leaf. If it is split it’s a waterlily, if it’s not and them stem is centered it’s a lotus. Botanically lotus is Nelumbo and the water lily is Nymphaea.  The choices are overwhelming: hardy or tropical, fragrance, number of flowers per plant, location of flowers, color of flowers, color of pads, time of bloom wintering, and position of pads.   Hope this encourages you to battle the heat and check out the fountains.

Posted by Chantal Drake at 12:51 PM
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