Meet the Artist: Debbie Likley Pacheco

Meet Memphis 2020 artist Debbie Likley Pacheco. Pacheco learned to paint and draw from her father at a young age. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Memphis and, from 1988 to 1996, she remained dedicated to her artistic practice while working as an art director for advertising agency Humphreys, Inc. 

Enjoy this look inside Pacheco's studio; courtesy of the artist. 

Interested in fleeting moments of interaction, Pacheco often paints modern subjects in urban settings based on photographs she has previously taken. Although filled with people, her paintings evoke a sense of isolation. Conjuring a voyeurism based in her interest in the mundane, she captures many of these anonymous pedestrians as they look down ensconced in their own phones or from behind depicting the backs of their heads. In Merge, an obscured female figure walks across what appears to be a crosswalk with several blurred individuals in motion behind her. The long shadows of an evening sun allude to an end-of-day commute. Orchestrated like a dance, the passersby walk in the same direction seemingly unaware of one another.

Debbie Likley Pacheco, Merge, 2016; Oil on panel; Courtesy of the artist

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