Munch and Learn: Tea Tables Alfresco


Nancy Regidor, Sr. Meeting Planner, Medical Education, MicroPort Orthopedics, presented the last in a once a month series on setting themed alfresco tables. Throughout Nancy’s work life as an event planner, including  her tenure at the Peabody Hotel, she has organized many teas. In her travels she has also attended many teas all over the world. Nancy’s love of fancy teas started very early when her parents would leave home and she and her sister Suzy would climb up to the cabinet that held the porcelain. They would use it to have “tea” and then wash and replace the porcelain before their parents got home.   

Nancy had four tea settings at her Munch and Learn demonstration, ranging from a children’s tea to a formal tea.  The children’s tea was based on the Atlanta Ritz Carlton’s annual Christmas Teddy Bear Tea where she once saw a little girl arriving in a full length mink coat. Her children’s tea included a two tier cake stand with finger sandwiches, scones, strawberries and blackberries. Since the Ritz tea is an annual Christmas event, her dishes and décor had a holiday theme, including a green and red arrangement made of evergreens and amaranth. This one and others included camellia, because tea comes from Camellia sinensis. Another table included blue and white Spode which was accented with an arrangement of yellow, green and purple. All arrangements were kept low so as not to block anyone’s view of other guests at the table.   


The formal tea table included beautiful, formal porcelain and stemware, as formal tea can also include champagne or sherry. This setting had a four tiered cake stand with a variety of finger sandwiches, scones, cookies and fruit. Jam and clotted cream were available to put on the scones.  The formal table’s arrangement was kept very simple to keep the focus on the table setting and food.   

The Dixon Munch and Learn crowd was also given a lesson on tea history and etiquette and Nancy even provided a folder with this information and lists of menu and tea options as well as supplies needed to carry out the perfect tea with friends. But, the best thing about Nancy’s presentation is that she provided tea for everyone and even let us eat the food at the end. Thank you Nancy!

- Linley Schmidt, Public Programs Coordinator

Posted by Chantal Drake at 4:21 PM
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