"Shakespeare Said It!" Munch and Learn Recap by Linley Schmidt

This week’s Munch and Learn was alfresco! The back porch of the Dixon residence is the perfect stage and backdrop for just about anything, so it served Rachel Brun and Joey Shaw well as they acted out scenes from several Shakespeare plays.  Their performance proved to us that  we do, in fact, quote Shakespeare all the time.  For instance, “knock knock, who’s there?” is from the porter scene in Macbeth. “Eating me out of house and home,” is from Henry IV.  “The fault in our stars” may  be a book and a movie, but the phrase was used in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.  We even got to witness a sword fight as the actors fought their way up and down the steps from the porch to the patio.   

Rachel and Joey played all the characters from chorus member-like cheerleaders to a variety of Shakespeare’s main characters. They even enlisted the help of a couple of audience members. As always, they did a great job and further proved that the partnership between the Dixon and the Tennessee Shakespeare Company is a priceless one. 

Posted by Chantal Drake at 10:07 AM
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