#TeamTuesday: Mallory Sharp

Mallory Sharp is the Curatorial Assistant at the Dixon where she has worked since April of 2019. Her one-year work anniversary at the Dixon passed during the quarantine. When she’s at the Dixon, Mallory’s job involves a lot of reading, researching, and writing about works of art in both the permanent collection and works that travel to the Dixon as part of the quarterly exhibition schedule.  

In the curatorial department, as with most departments at the museum, it is key to work several months ahead. Mallory’s regular daily tasks are usually looking forward to at least one quarter in the future, and often even more than that. On any given day, you can find her writing label “chat” and text panels, organizing checklists of objects that appear in the galleries, writing short synopses for the quarterly newsletter, and working with local artists as part of the Mallory/Wurtzburger series. Four times a year, Mallory assists the rest of the curatorial team with the exhibition changeover. During these two to three week periods, Mallory gets to help do jobs that are totally different from the work she usually does at her desk, like using power tools and helping to hang paintings on the wall!  

During this time working from home, Mallory’s job still entails a lot of reading and writing. A computer and lots of books from the museum’s library are essential. She is grateful that much of the usual work she does, like researching and writing, is nearly as convenient to do at home as it is at her desk at the Dixon. Her home desk was too small, so she has taken over the coffee table so that she has a larger area to spread out all of her books.  

This unusual time away from the museum has given Mallory the space to concentrate on writing entries for the Dixon’s forthcoming permanent collection catalogue. As a relatively new employee at the Dixon, she relishes the opportunity to learn more about these works, their histories, and where they fit into the careers of the artists who made them. When she returns to work, Mallory is excited to give a tour of the permanent collection where she can include interesting details that she has unearthed as part of this project. She has been sharing a little taste of her findings as every other week she contributes tidbits of information for the Sunday Tours at Two on Instagram.

Every Tuesday morning at 9:30, the Dixon curatorial team meets to discuss each person’s individual projects, larger goals for the upcoming exhibitions, and maintenance of the permanent collection. While working from home, the curatorial team is still meeting at the same time, but now these meetings take place virtually. Mallory loves these meetings because now they are one of the only times she sees the faces of her co-workers that she is used to interacting with almost every day. She can’t wait to safely meet again with the team at Park + Cherry over pastries and coffee! 

Mallory is looking forward to getting back to work on the Dixon campus, where she enjoys taking breaks to walk through the gardens. While working at home, Mallory’s breaks include baking sourdough, taking online Pilates classes, and spending time with her four (!) dogs (two greyhounds, Joyce and Red, and two Great Pyrenees-Lab mixes, Wally and Gromit). 

Mallory's assistant and BFF, Joyce. 

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