View from my Office: 360° of Beauty By Jenny M. Duggan

If there were a contest for best office view, I believe mine would be at the very top of the list. Although, I admit, here at the Dixon the competition for that title is serious, as the options are seriously beautiful.  However, the admissions booth is unique, encompassed by windows on all sides I can see first-hand the changing of the seasons and glory of nature in every direction. Although we are in the midst of a frigid “cold snap” as we say here in the south, I look about me and see the promise of spring everywhere.  The evergreens have been a constant companion to me throughout these winter months—lovely boxwoods and evergreen trees—and  the cutting gardens, as well as the entire garden, have been a bustle of activity with our hard-working, imaginative garden staff and volunteers planting and arranging flower bulbs to create the fantastic display coming this spring.  They have also been hard at work manicuring our winter gardens to best showcase our landscape architecture.

 Because of this, winter affords me the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sculpture in the Dixon gardens:  Ceres, Europa, and the like, plus recent additions to our permanent collection by talented regional artists Brian Russell, Jim Buchman and Lee Littlefield.  This time also allows me the opportunity to witness the brainchild of Hugo Dixon and his sister Hope Crutchfield in Garden’s series of terraces and unique features with its Italian, French, American, and of course, English influences.  Why, the tree canopy alone is worthy of great admiration. There are also dozens of structural enhancements we have made in recent years such as the serpentine wall close to the admissions booth, the council ring in the woodland gardens, and several lovely water features throughout the gardens. 

 So next time you are here, stop by the admissions booth and say “hello.”  I am always happy to see you—and take a moment to stand with me and drink in my view from the booth, where nature and art meld together in perfect communion. 

Posted by Chantal Drake at 2:43 PM
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