What's in a name?

Our current Amaryllis Exhibition is one of the largest ever of its kind.  There are over 800 amaryllis bulbs that have been planted for the exhibition in Canale Conservatory, and it is a very meticulous job keeping track of them all.  From the first shipment, our garden staff has very carefully followed a system of keeping up with the names of each of the bulbs and recording them in four different places.  Each kind of bulb is separated and labeled by bag or by tray.  It is then labeled on the plastic stick we use to label most plants, on the bottom of the pot it is planted in, and on a fancy metal tag that hangs off the front of the pot.  With all of this labeling, it can be a little disconcerting when at first glance, two bulbs with different names look frustratingly similar.  It’s a little like playing a matching game!  And we occasionally have visitors who are observant enough to notice the similarity and ask us about it.  We tell them that they are from two different companies and on really close examination, they do have some differences.  The twin-like bulbs are ‘Double Dream’ and ‘Dancing Queen.’  Have a look for yourself!

- Suzy Askew, Gardens Education and Volunteer Coordinator


Posted by Chantal Drake at 10:27 AM
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