Annabelle meacham image 1
Annabelle Meacham, The Untold Story, 2018; Acrylic on canvas; Courtesy of the artist.

Mallory and Wurtzburger Galleries

Annabelle Meacham: The Stories We Could Tell

Jan 20, 2019 - Apr 7, 2019

Memphis artist Annabelle Meacham’s work is most often a visual recording of her vivid dreams. Using bright colors and detailed patterns, she depicts familiar objects like fruit, animals, insects, and human figures, but in surprising combinations and always with a sense of the surreal. Meacham is a gifted and eager storyteller, a quality that is made manifest through her fantastical paintings.

Although she has lived in various cities around the world and has a true love of travel, Meacham has called the Mid-South home for many years. Wherever she is, Meacham is constantly observing the world around her. Even the Dixon’s lush gardens have served as the inspiration for work in The Stories We Could Tell.