Dixon Master Plan

We have big things planned for the Dixon.

Greenhouse Exterior at the Dixon Gardens

Dixon Master Plan

  • West Edge Project

    • Western Border Fence
    • Maintenance Area
    • Plant Nursery Area
    • Hughes Pavilion Parking Lot
    • Securing the Plant Nursery Area

    Start August 2013—Complete January 2014

  • Dixon Gallery Infrastructure Project

    • Fire Suppression throughout the Dixon galleries, Art Storage, and other public areas
    • Backup generator
    • Floors in Plough and Willmott Galleries; carpet in auditorium
    • Residence Roof
    • Replace residence windows and doors
    • Vapor locks on all points of public entry and egress
    • Redesign and renovate from the Museum Shop to the Shipping Dock
    • Freight elevator and lift
    • Redesign and renovate art storage
    • Gallery Lighting
    • Security systems; card readers
    • Technology; booster for cell and wifi signal

    Start May 2015—Complete November 2015

  • Dixon Gardens and Grounds Infrastructure Project

    • Entry gates
    • Wayfinding and signage
    • Visibility from Park Avenue (Windows)
    • Service Road to Lower Parking Lot
    • Access to Garrott Court
    • Perimeter Road
    • Service Road to South Lawn
    • Exit Gate onto Cherry Road
    • Parking Lots
    • Lighting and electrical throughout the grounds
    • Irrigation
    • Drainage; water management
    • South Lawn
    • Universal accessibility—pathways and sidewalks
    • Southern border fence

    To be undertaken in phases, 2016 and 2017

  • Education Spaces and a Learning Center and Hughes Pavilion Expansion and Improvement Project

    • Redesign and/or repurpose all existing education facilities at the Dixon (i.e.: Leatherman Workroom, the Residence, the Galleries, Winegardner Auditorium, the Potting Hub, and Canale Conservatory) so they are better learning spaces, more readily available (where applicable), technologically sound, and integrated into a cohesive overall philosophy of art and horticultural learning
    • Build a new facility for education programs
    • Expand and renovate Hughes Pavilion

    To be undertaken in 2018.

  • Garden Building

    • Create new gardens around the perimeter of the Dixon property.
    • Create new gardens adjacent to Formal Gardens on the east.
    • Create new gardens adjacent to the Formal Gardens to the south.
    • Create new gardens in proximity to Learning Center.
    • Leave no space in the Dixon unattended or uncultivated.
    • Think differently about the Dixon gardens and what they might have to say.
    • Invent new interpretive models that animate the spaces we create.
    • Invent new ways for visitors to participate in the experience of the Dixon grounds.
    • Invest more in sculpture.
    • Invest ourselves in the history of the property itself.
    • Design and develop a new entry garden across from the new museum entry.

    To be undertaken in phases, 2016/17/18 - 2022.

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