Dec 16, 2021

Dixon Direct: Dr Earnestine Jenkins

Dr. Earnestine Jenkins and Chantal Drake standing in front of Dixon Residence staircase

Thank you for tuning in to the Dixon Gallery and Gardens inaugural podcast episode with Dr. Earnestine Jenkins, Guest curator, Black Artists in America, Professor, Department of Art, University of Memphis

Dr. Earnestine Jenkins is a scholar of art history and visual studies, interested in the dynamic response to centuries of exchange throughout the African diaspora across regions, cultures, and histories. Dr. Jenkins' most recent publications are Black Artists in America: From the Great Depression to Civil Rights, Memphis: Dixon Gallery and Gardens, 2021, and Race, Representation, and Photography in 19th-Century Memphis: From Slavery to Jim Crow. London: Ashgate, 2016.

Hosted by Chantal Drake, Director of Development and Communications, Dixon Gallery and Gardens | Intro music by Peyton Monroe | Thank you to all Dixon members and supporters!

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