Mar 1, 2022

Education Programs with Christine Ruby: Mini Masters

young child wearing mask and decorated paper hat he crafted
two sets of parents and toddlers at outdoors activities table
young child wearing mask and hat she crafted

Mini Masters

Party Hats for the Gregorian and Lunar New Year

Mini Masters is a program at the Dixon designed for toddlers ages 2 to 4. We meet once a week on Tuesday mornings for a new activity. The group is sometimes led by our garden instructor, Stuart Janssen, and other times by me, the art instructor. The program design changes every week, and the activity can range from sensory play to art-making, to getting hands dirty in the garden. Whatever the activity is that we have planned, we always have a good time playing and making new friends.

When it comes to making art with kids, I love a wearable. With the New Year, both Gregorian and Lunar, I thought what better way to celebrate than to make a good party hat. You can’t go wrong with a hat. I premade paper hats by rolling black construction paper into cones. The kids then used beeswax crayons, pom poms, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and other additions to make the hat of their dreams. Some went with a playful floral design, while others made faces with volcanic motifs. Some were excited and ready to wear their new hats, while others decided to make their hat for their stuffy friend at home. No matter the ultimate wearer of the hat, everyone went home happy with their creation!

- Christine Ruby, Art Instructor

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