Guided Meditation

Nature provides a means for finding balance. By tuning into the energies of the Dixon’s gardens, you can more deeply experience its health-inducing and even healing qualities.

Whether through a quiet walk or simply sitting in a serene outdoor space, the Dixon’s gardens can inspire and offer the calm necessary for contemplation.

Tulips in woodland gardens

Find your better nature

You can find our guided meditations in the Suzanne Mallory Formal Garden and Woodland Gardens. #TheArtOfLivingWell

To access guided meditations, simply scan the QR code located south of the admission booth with your smartphone or click the links below.

The meditations are provided and led by Dean Graves, co-founder of Prema Healing Meditation in Memphis.

Formal Garden - seated
Formal Garden - walking

Woodland Gardens - seated
Woodland Gardens - walking

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Walking in the Woodland Garden at the Dixon