Botanical Wall Hanging Workshop by Suzy Askew

The Dixon garden staff hosted a Botanical Wall Hanging Workshop on Valentine’s day in the Catmur Potting Hub.  This was a first for a workshop and a different approach to garden and design studies. Workshop participants were given all natural materials to create their wall hangings.  The base was abaca fiber panels mounted to bamboo rods with a hanger on one end.  Various colors of the abaca, which is from the leaves of bananas (Musa textilis), and many different dried materials allowed for the designers to make their hanging distinctive.  The design guidelines called for using the Fabonacci sequence of numbers in grouping items.  A Fabonacci sequence is a series of numbers with the pattern of each number being the sum of the previous two.  Participants were also mindful of repetition, color, form and texture when selecting botanical pieces to add to the panel.  Some of the options available were fresh and dried hydrangea, dried okra, daylily stems, grasses, skeletonized magnolia leaves, dried yarrow, and fresh delphinium.  Mechanics for the project included glue, wiring, and magnets to hold test tubes for fresh flower materials.  Each designer was seeking a beautiful, harmonious and unique piece of seasonal expression.  All nineteen participants left with a feeling of satisfaction after trying a new medium and a lovely piece of art to hand on the wall while waiting for spring.

Our next workshop is a Stem Holder Workshop on Saturday, March 14th.

Posted by Chantal Drake at 4:39 PM
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