Meet the Artist: Alex Paulus

Meet Memphis 2020 artist Alex Paulus. Paulus received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Memphis College of Art in 2009. He is currently an art professor at Southwest Tennessee Community College. Bolstered by his witty titles, Paulus’ work is colorful, textural, and above all humorous. Playful and often surreal, his candy-colored paintings poke fun at the human condition. 

Alex Paulus, His is Better than His, 2018. Acrylic and oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist. 

In His is Better than His, Paulus depicts two men, dwarfed by a lush, tropical landscape, rendered in vibrant greens and peaceful blues. Painted a bright pink, perhaps indicating painful sunburns, the two nude figures appear distressed, an attitude supported by each man’s “S.O.S.” signage. The figure at right slumps his shoulders, appearing defeated by the fact that his message, significantly smaller than his peer’s, has been partially consumed by the rising tide. While the figure at left has been more successful in conveying his cry for help, creating a larger sign from stone, he appears no less ridiculous than his counterpart.

Alex Paulus, Strange mortals with curious customs, 2020. Acrylic and oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist. 

Paulus’ most recent work, Strange mortals with curious customs, combines elements from his favorite book, The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain, and the film “Hello Dolly.” In the painting, a celestial being peers down on a parading marching band who crowds a downtown street in matching red and white uniforms.

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