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Enjoy a variety of out of this world performances, download astounding activities, explore a constellation of messages from Dixon staff, and observe and create with our community partners - all without leaving your home’s orbit. Turn out the lights and turn on the fun because there is room in this mothership for everybody!

Live DIY Videos | Dixon Staff and Friends | Activity Booklet | Musical Performance |
Spaceship Story TimeCommunity Partners


Live DIY Videos


Space Out with Dixon Staff and Friends


Activity Booklet

Download in English | Descugar en español


Musical Performance

Spaceship Story Time with Mr. JT

Watch it at 7:00 pm by clicking here.


Learn and Make with Community Partners


3D Printing: Artists and Astronauts
The Metal Museum's Youth Initiative Coordinator, Ariana Sellers, and Foundry Operations Manager, James Vanderpool, take you on a fun journey into the world of 3D Printing! Both astronauts and artists use 3D printing, and this video highlights how the Metal Museum uses a 3D printer to make patterns to cast in the Foundry.


¡Bienvenidos a Noche Familiar!
Rafael Figueroa del Centro Cultural nos invita a conocer algunas de las maravillas que el cielo nocturno nos ofrece.


Pink Palace has tons of fun space-themed activities for all ages. Check them out here.


Teacher Teacher!
WKNO's Teacher Teacher leads us on a trip to the Moon, exploring Earth's neighbor with a story and Silly Science program.

Space Out Family Night star with top hat


Space Out Family Night Design by Breanna Mansel / Noche de la Familia en el Espacio Diseño de Breanna Mansel

At 2019 Dixon Art Camp, campers learned Adobe Illustrator and created the graphics for the quarterly Dixon Family Day events of 2020.
“For the Space Out Family Night poster, I gathered inspiration from stars, moons, aliens, and galaxies. I wanted it to really make you think 'Space!' What better way to do that than a father and daughter alien standing on the moon waving at whoever may see it?”
 - Breanna Mansel, 10th grader, Overton High School


Durante el Dixon Art Camp 2019, los participantes aprendieron Adobe Illustrator y crearon los gráficos para los eventos trimestrales del Día de la Familia Dixon de 2020.
“Para el póster de Noche de la Familia en el Espacio, me inspiré en estrellas, lunas, extraterrestres y galaxias. Quería que realmente te hicieran pensar ‘¡Espacio!’ ¿Qué mejor manera de hacer eso que un padre y una hija alienígenas, de pie en la luna saludando a todos los que los ven? - 
Breanna Mansel, estudiante de décimo grado, Escuela Secundaria Overton

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