El Taller de Gráfica Popular: Vida y Arte

October 13, 2018 – January 6, 2019

The Georgia Museum of Art in Athens presents El Taller de Gráfica Popular: Vida y Arte (The Popular Graphic Workshop: Life and Art), an exhibition that examines the group's contribution to the Mexican printmaking tradition. Through the production of posters, pamphlets, books, and newspapers, the artists who worked in El Taller de Gráfica were committed to their craft and sought to bring social and political awareness to mass audiences.

From Marne to the Rhine: Forain and World War I

October 13, 2018 – January 6, 2019

This fall, the Dixon will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day with a selection of Jean-Louis Forain’s striking press illustrations of the Great War. With more than 200 war cartoons published in weekly and daily newspapers, Forain became the spokesman for the common soldier on the western Front, the main theatre of war approximately located between the Marne and the Rhine rivers. 

Showing the drama underneath the comedy, the drawings give with emotion, irony, pity, sorrow, indignation and compassion, a priceless testimony of how military and political events affect populations. From the Marne to the Rhine: Jean-Louis Forain in World War I will encapsulate the artist’s unique style and incredible science of composition, which undoubtedly contributed to the evolution of the art of the editorial cartoon.

Jean-Louis Forain, Les Pessimistes, 1915. Lithograph on paper. Gift of John and Lynn Murray in honor of William and Mary Murray, 2016.3.31


Extension: Artists’ Books, Prints, and Zines

October 14, 2018 – January 13, 2019

Mallory/Wurtzburger Galleries

Extension, organized by guest curator Corkey Sinks, aims to reveal a spectrum of contemporary approaches to print media with an emphasis on self-publishing. Works in the exhibition range in scale, in edition size, and in material, from repeat-printed yardage to pocket-sized zines. (Zines are
typically small editioned booklets or pamphlets published by individuals or collectives.) These diverse works explore a number of themes visible in the work of El Taller de Grafíca Popular and Jean-Louis Forain including political theory, cultural identity, and social critique.

Featuring works by Abigail Lucien, Ricardo Vicente Ruiz, Daniel Leudtke, Liz Ensz, Emmy Bright, Yumi Sakugawa, Walls Divide Press, Temporary Services, and many others, artists offer urgent and intimate observations of their present conditions, reflections on history, and speculations upon the future.

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