Behind the Scenes: Kaneko Exhibition Installation

This week the Dixon was bustling with excitement as the 24 pieces from Jun Kaneko's studio arrived for our exhibition Jun Kaneko Sculpture at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. It is a tedious process getting such large and delicate sculptures in place.  It took a feat of engineering to maneuver them into their homes for the next 6 months, but the team did it flawlessly.  And the finished product is well worth the effort.

The curatorial staff at the Dixon documents the installation process of every show that comes our way.  This installation was particularly exciting, so we decided to share it with you!  Below are images taken during the installation of one of the giant sculptures that now rest throughout the 17-acre Dixon property. 


Sculptures have been unloaded and are awaiting their installation.


Laura Gray McCann examines the pieces (left) for the condition report, which is taken before and after travel to and from the Dixon.  


Before the actual sculpture is installed, a metal base is placed on top of specially poured concrete blocks marking where each piece will go.


Next the sculpture travels to its general location by forklift.


Then the sculpture is hoisted into the air by crane and guided to its base to be bolted into place.

And after several hours of maneauvering, the sculpture is finally in place.

See more installation photos on the Dixon's Flickr Album... and then, come see the sculptures in person at the Dixon now through November!

-Amanda Gutknecht, Communications Associate

Posted by Chantal Drake at 11:05 AM
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